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The goal of the Boise Parks and Recreation community education program is to enhance enjoyment of our parks and open spaces by fostering awareness and understanding of the important role they play in our lives. We strive to nurture curiosity by presenting opportunities to explore the natural world within our urban and suburban settings. We invite you to visit this webpage often to view our current event listings, program highlights, self-guided activities and other educational opportunities.

O'Farrell CabinO'Farrell Cabin Open House 

With a group of 14 wagons, John O’Farrell, his wife Mary Ann Chapman Lambert O’Farrell, and young family, made their way across the plains to Idaho and became one of the first settlers of the Boise Valley. Today, at 420 W. Fort Street, you’ll find a little cabin, constructed by Mr. O’Farrell for his family in 1863; ultimately becoming the first family home in Boise. Originally located on the block across the street from its current location, the cabin was relocated to its current location in 1911 by the Daughters of the American Revolution, where it has stood ever since.

Boise Parks and Recreation and Boise Arts and History is hosting an open house of the O’Farrell Cabin on Saturday, September 15th, from 9am-Noon. This will be an excellent opportunity for you history buffs to get a bare walls peek at how the area’s first settlers lived. City staff will be on hand to provide information and answer any questions. For more information, please contact Jerry Pugh (208-608-7617;

Field Guide to Boise's BirdsField Guide to Boise's Birds
Birds can be found in just about every setting in Boise, from urban microparks to the sprawling foothills that border our northeastern edge. They visit backyard feeders, perch in low shrubs and on tall structures, swim in our river, lakes, and ponds, nest in our trees and soar overhead. A variety of habitats in and around the city support and attract hundreds of species, and we invite you to explore some of the most common.

"Field Guide to Boise's Birds" was developed with the beginning birder in mind, highlighting 99 species that are common to Boise parks, neighborhoods and open spaces. We worked with local experts - professionals and hobbyists - to create a guide that is not only functional and informative in the field, but a beautiful showcase of the stunning local images that were donated by area photographers for use in this publication.

Boise Parks and Recreation’s “Field Guide to Boise’s Birds” is available online and for purchase in print at the Boise Parks and Recreation Administration Office ($8.00 plus tax).

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