Park Reservation Fees

Most of our reservable sites may be scheduled up to eleven (11) months in advance on the first day of the month (12:01 a.m. on the 1st Day of the 11th month). Reservations for Ann Morrison Shelter, Julia Davis Park Pavilions, Bandshell, The Rose Garden and Veterans Memorial Park can be reserved at 12:01 a.m. Jan. 1st. 

A fee is required to secure a facility location and will vary according to the event and/or facility.  Payment is required to finalize a garden, picnic site, pier, plaza, friendship island, shelter and pavilion reservation.

At the minimum, all Park Facility Reservations must be made and paid no later than 7 business days prior to the event day.

PICNIC   SITES, PAVILIONS &  SHELTERS  Capacity Resident Fees** Non Resident Fees**
Time   Blocks:  sunrise-11a, noon-4p &   5p-sunset per time block per time block
Ann Morrison Park, 1000 Americana Blvd 
Old Timers Shelter 500 $94.50 $146.48
Borah Park, 801 S Aurora Dr
Shelter 50 $65.00 $100.75
Camel's Back Park, 1200 W Heron St 
Picnic Site 50 $65.00 $100.75
Cassia Park*, 4600 W Camas St 
Shelter 50 $65.00 $100.75
Esther Simplot Park, 3206 W Pleasanton Ave
Central   Pavilion  150 $94.50 $146.48
West   Pavilion  100 $94.50 $146.48
Pier 75 $65.00 $100.75
Ivywild Park*, 416 W Ivywild St 
Shelter 200 $65.00 100.75
Julia Davis Park, 700 S Capitol Blvd 
Pavilion Boise    &  Agriculture  500 $94.50 $146.48
Bandshell 1500 $393.75 $610.31
Grand Plaza 500 $94.50 $146.48
Marianne Williams Park, 3451 E Barber Valley Dr
Shelter 100 $65.00 100.75
Gazebo 25 $65.00 $100.75
Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, 500 S Walnut St
Shelter 150 $65.00 $100.75
Picnic Site (10) per site 150 $65.00 $100.75
Phillippi Park, 2299 S Phillippi St
Shelter 50 $65.00 $100.75
Quarry View Park, 2150 E Old Penitentiary Rd
Shelter 50 $65.00 $100.75
Veterans Memorial Park, 930 N Veterans Memorial Parkway
Shelter 200 $94.50 $146.48
Picnic Site 50 $65.00 $100.75
Winstead Park*, 6150 W Northview St
Shelter 200 $65.00 $100.75
* Reservation available from 6:30p-sunset,   Monday thru Friday, June thru August due to Boise Parks & Recreation Play   Camp.  All fees are subject to tax.   Payments of check, cash, money order, all major credit and debit cards are   accepted. **Fees subject to change without notice.
Residents within the Boise City tax district receive a special   discount on Picnic Sites, Shelters and Pavilions for rentals schedule for use   Monday thru Thursday 7am-4pm. Holidays excluded.
Esther Simplot Park, 625 N Whitewater Park Blvd
Friendship   Island  100 $94.50 $146.48
Julia Davis Park, 700 S Capitol Blvd
Rose Garden Gazebo 150 $94.50 $146.48
Kathryn Albertson Park, 1001 Americana Blvd
Gazebo Eyrie & Rookery 150 $94.50 $146.48
Plaza:  Reserveable   Fri 6pm-9pm & Sat-Sun 7am-11am, noon-4pm and 5pm-9pm
CW Moore Park, 150 S 5th St
Plaza 150 $121.00 $172.98



Amplified Sound Permit - Special Event (In conjunction with Reservation Only) $50.00
Amplified Sound Permit  - Private Event (In conjunction with Reservation Only) $20.00
Beer/Wine Permit - Drop-in use and in conjunction with reservation $10.00
Inflatable or similar apparatus - Bounce House from an approved provider is allowed in conjunction with a Reservation. For detailed information, click Policy, Bounce House Use Application or the Approved Providers List. No Fee

General Park Use Policy 


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