Parent and Child Preschool Open Swim

Nat KiddieParents can take advantage of a special time for preschoolers to enjoy swimming in the wading pool during morning hours.  Available at regular admission prices, and free to family pass holders.  This special time is open to children ages 6 and under when accompanied by a parent.  Monday-Friday, 10:00 am to noon.

Increased concerns with water borne illnesses and child safety have made it necessary for parents to become more vigilant in supervising their children, taking their children to the restroom more often, and keeping their children out of the pool for two weeks following stomach illnesses.  We have stepped up enforcement of direct parent supervision (defined as within reach of a parent's arms at all times) of children under three years of age and/or who are not potty-trained while in our wading pools.  Children meeting these conditions will also be required to be in their parent's arms at all times when in our larger pools.