Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park


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Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park is a shady 28-acre park on the banks of the Boise River. A favorite destination for family reunions and company gatherings, the park has 11 reservable picnic sites, a restroom and shelter, a large playground and bocce ball courts.

Located on the Boise River Greenbelt, this popular park is adjacent to the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center, a free open-air education center with underwater fish displays, native plants and wildlife habitat improvements. Leashed dogs are now permitted at the park.

Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park has a very interesting and colorful history. Now a popular site for picnics and reunions, Municipal was once a tourist campground and baseball stadium.

In 1910, the Boise School District (which was responsible for building and maintaining public playgrounds) purchased 25 acres at this site for a baseball stadium. Instead of building the stadium, the property became Boise Tourist Park campground in 1918. The campground had 6,000 visitors a season. The grounds featured tent sites, a communal kitchen with hotplates, a laundry with a washing machine, a playground and 2 cement slabs for washing cars.

After World War I, traffic increased to 20,000 cars a year and it became difficult to maintain the park. In 1927, the city of Boise bought the land and named it Boise Municipal Campground.  Over the next decade, the park gained a reputation as a "hobo and gypsy jungle" so it was closed in 1938 tentatively and renamed Boise Municipal Park and was then turned into a day/general use park.

On August 28, 2016, Mayor David Bieter announced the naming of Municipal Park in honor of three-time Olympic gold medal winner, Kristin Armstrong. The new name, Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, was unveiled before hundreds who had gathered at the park on this day to honor the Boise cyclist. One of the "Ribbon of Jewels," Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park is located on the Boise River. 


Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park has kindly been adopted by the Ada County Juvenile Court Services.

The Adopt-A-Park program gives churches, civic organizations, local businesses, and other community groups the opportunity to adopt their neighborhood park. Adopting groups will commit to maintaining their park for a renewable one-year term, helping with things such as eradicating graffiti, picking up litter, filling mutt-mitt dispensers, painting site amenities, raking leaves, and mulching trees and planting beds. In exchange, the Department recognizes the group as the adopting agency via our website and signage at the park.

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This location provides opportunities to see birds and other wildlife. 

idaho birding trailThe Idaho Birding Trail (IBT) is a network of sites and side-trips that provides the best viewing opportunities to see birds in Idaho. With 175 sites and about 2,000 miles of trail separated into four distinct regions the IBT represents a collection of bird watching hotspots, diverse habitats, and a glimpse of Idaho's rich natural heritage.

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Available by reservation or on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Bocce Court Rules

Greenbelt Parking

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Open Play Areas

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Operating Hours

Park is open from sunrise to sunset.


Swingsets: yes
Age group: 2-12

MunPlayground070430-09.JPGThe playground surface is wood chips.


Municipal Park October 2008 (14).JPGKristin Armstrong Municipal Park has 11 reservable sites that may be reserved for picnics, family reunions, company parties, etc.


Restrooms are now closed and park drinking fountains are turned off for the winter.

For a list of restrooms and portable restrooms that are available year around in parks and the reserves, click here.

Smoking Prohibition

Boise Smokefree Park SignSmoking and vaping are prohibited in all public parks, including within 20 feet of the Boise Greenbelt, except in designated areas within Ann Morrison and Julia Davis parks and city-owned golf courses.


Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner's risk and expense. Boise Valley Towing at (208) 389-9707.

Master Plan

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