Comba Park

2995 N Five Mile Rd

comba playgroundComba Park opened in 2014. The park includes open play areas, shady picnic spots, a colorful playground and splash pad--a water feature with three ground sprays, a dumping bucket and a 36-inch orb.  

Splash pad is currently open.

Sustainable elements of the park also include artificial “turf” material under the play equipment, large mulch areas, Trex composite-wood benches and trash can holders. A sustainable water control system recycles water from the splash pad to landscape irrigation.

The building in Comba Park is home to BUGS (Boise Urban Garden School). BUGS provides garden education, cooking classes and community garden management in partnership with the city of Boise.

The 1,500-square-foot, barn-shaped center features a commercial kitchen, classroom space, and administrative offices. A 3/4-acre education and community garden is located in the back half of the park. 

Dr. Trudy Comba   

Dr Comba PortraitDr. Trudy Comba is a prominent educator, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  A retired, long-time Idaho resident who spent 42 years in education, Dr. Comba is passionate about helping children achieve their dreams. 

Achieving her own dream wasn’t easy.  Dr. Comba left school to work in tobacco and strawberry fields to help support her family.  This wasn’t a disappointment:  Dr. Comba will readily admit school felt more like a prison sentence.  As a teen, Dr. Comba entered a convent where she attended two years of college, became a school teacher, and learned that education could be actually be fun.    

Dr. Comba earned a bachelor's degree at Duquesne University, a master’s degree from the University of Arizona and a Ph.D in special education at the University of Oregon.  Dr. Comba spent 10 years teaching at Boise State University, where she established the early childhood education program and wrote the Kindergarten curriculum guide for the state of Idaho.  

Together with her husband Dr. John Comba, a former State Director of Special Education, and their three girls -- Ann Margaret, Kathryn and Michelle -- the family built a 10,000-square-foot school in West Boise.  A Small World Center for Creativity opened its doors in 1980.  

Dr. Trudy --- as she was known to scores of Boise children -- had a vision for a fun, holistic educational experience for young children that incorporated child development, fine arts, foreign languages, karate, and computers.  A Small World featured jogging paths, teepees for camp outs, farm animals and a barn with a kiln, library, wood working center and a complete darkroom.  There was also a greenhouse and potting shed for flower and vegetables.  

At A Small World, school was fun.  

Dr. Comba opened four more preschools throughout the city, running the state’s largest child care centers.   Dr. Comba won numerous awards for her work and was widely recognized nationally as an innovator in early childhood education.   

In 2000, the Comba family donated the West Boise site for the future Comba Park.

Community Garden


Garden operations will be managed in a collaboration between the Comba Garden Tenants Association and the Boise Urban Garden School, which is part of Boise Parks and Recreation. For information, please contact the Comba Garden Tenants Association at

Conservation Station

 CombaInsectHotel Pollinator Sign

Conservation Stations are a discovery based environmental education program designed to educate the community about a variety of conservation related topics. Park visitors can come across a station and learn about our natural environment while recreating in Boise parks.

Pollinators are a vital part of our ecosystem and help facilitate a plant's ability to reproduce. About one-third of the United States food crops rely on the help they receive from pollinators. Without these important insects, we would lose many fruits and vegetables. However, due to habitat loss and development, many pollinator populations are in decline. Check out this station and observe pollinators in action!

Operating Hours

Park is open from sunrise to sunset.


Swingsets: no
Age group: 2-12

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Playground surface is artificial turf which is composed of polyethylene.

Smoking Prohibition

Boise Smokefree Park SignSmoking is prohibited in all public parks, including within 20 feet of the Boise Greenbelt, except in designated areas within Ann Morrison and Julia Davis parks and city-owned golf courses.

NOTE: E-cigarettes are not prohibited under the ordinances.


Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner's risk and expense. Boise Valley Towing at (208) 389-9707.

Master Plan

A Master Plan is a concept drawing illustrating recreation facilities and landscape features planned for a park site.  It does not necessarily represent what amenities are currently in a park.