Camel's Back Reserve


CamelsbackIn 2016, Boise Parks and Recreation embarked on a project to slow the erosion on Boise’s iconic Camel’s Back chute. The project included the installation of rock retaining walls to shore up the top of the hill and stone steps coming part way down the sandy chute.   

The project has been very successful in stopping the erosion at the top and city staff members are no longer concerned with having a two-humped camel.   

However, as the Parks and Recreation team continues to monitor the chute, we have noticed excessive erosion at the bottom of the steps. In order to stop this erosion, reduce the maintenance of replacing materials on the chute, and to provide a safe experience for users, we believe it is necessary to continue the steps further down the chute.   

The Boise Parks and Recreation and Public Works Departments have worked together to develop a design that will reduce erosion while meeting the needs of park users.   

It was evident through the public process on phase one of this project that maintaining the ability to use the chute for winter sledding is important to the neighborhood and the design will accommodate this. In addition, it will ensure that the chute is available for recreation for generations to come.  Public Works engineers believe that this segment of steps will eliminate further erosion on the bottom of the chute as well as reduce the potential need for additional steps to the bottom of the chute.     

Please submit comments to Toby Norton, Project Coordinator at or (208) 608-7635.

Camel's Back Reserve site is located on the back side of Camel's Back Park. This land along with the Camel's Back Park was acquired by the city of Boise in 1932 from Bernard Lemp, a relative of a former mayor. The reserve portion of the park is 63 acres and is contiguous to Hulls Gulch Reserve. 

Amenities & Details

Operating Hours

Park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Smoking Prohibition

Boise Smokefree Park SignSmoking is prohibited in all public parks, including within 20 feet of the Boise Greenbelt, except in designated areas within Ann Morrison and Julia Davis parks and city-owned golf courses.

NOTE: E-cigarettes are not prohibited under the ordinances.


Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner's risk and expense. Boise Valley Towing at (208) 389-9707.