Open Space

R2RFlowers.JPGPreserving a Natural Heritage

In November 2015, Boise voters resoundingly supported a renewed commitment to open space protection, outdoor recreation, wildlife habitat, and clean water. Seventy-four percent of voters supported the passage of a two-year levy. The approved levy will raise $10 million dollars through property taxes in 2016 and 2017. The levy funds must be spent solely on the conservation benefits listed in the 2015 ballot language and will be subject to review by a citizens advisory committee. 

Boise voters laid the groundwork for what is now considered one of the best features of the City – Boise’s open space reserves, in 2001. This original two-year levy raised $10 million for open space and natural resource conservation. Since then, over 10,750 acres have been set aside for wildlife habitat, to promote clean water, and to provide ample recreational opportunities. 

The City, in partnership with key members of the community, has been able to leverage the initial $10 million into over $37 million dollars in property. Through acquisition, donation, easement, or land exchange, this money has resulted in the protection of critical habitat, riparian corridors, rare plant communities, historic sites and potential trail connections across the Boise Front. 

For more information about the conservation efforts in the Boise Foothills, access our Annual Reports.