Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Seasonal dog off-leash program to begin Nov. 1 in two city parks

Bring on the dogs! Ann Morrison Park and Optimist Youth Sports Complex will once again become seasonal dog off-leash areas starting Thursday, Nov. 1.

The program runs through the end of February.

All areas of the two parks are available for off-leash dog use, sunrise to sunset, with the exception of Boise River Greenbelt paths, parking lots, roadways and playgrounds. Owners are reminded to please pick up after their pets. This is also a good time to obtain or renew an animal license for your pet; both can be done by visiting the City of Boise’s Animal Licensing website

The off-leash program is intended to help prevent long-term damage and address public health and safety concerns caused by geese.

To learn more about other dog-friendly areas in the city, visit our off-leash areas website.