Tuesday, October 24, 2017

City of Boise launches citizen fuel reduction policy and permit

The City of Boise has enacted a new policy that allows homeowners’ associations (HOAs), neighborhood associations (NAs) and residents who live adjacent to open space reserves to apply for a permit to reduce fuels around their properties and help protect them from wildfire.

The Citizen Fuel Reduction Policy allows permitted users to trim and remove grasses on land adjacent to Boise open space reserves within 20 feet of any residential land parcel. Within this 20-foot buffer, residents also have the opportunity to seed with native grasses in the fall using approved seed types.


The City of Boise manages over 4,200 acres of open space reserves and much of that land is directly adjacent to residential neighborhoods and businesses. Statistics show that more than 80 percent of wildfires sparked in or near our open space reserves are human caused. Those fires present a risk to people who live and work nearby and threaten our valued natural open spaces.

For this reason, the City of Boise actively manages its open space reserves to reduce wildfire hazards in partnership with the community. Every year, City of Boise Wildfire Mitigation Team members help mitigate wildfire hazards through projects including mowing, grazing, herbicide application, and sagebrush thinning.

The City has also taken great strides in educating citizens, HOAs and NAs on how they can partner in becoming more fire adapted by preparing and mitigating wildfire hazards that threaten them and the environment.


Homeowners can check out this fuel reduction area map to see if they live adjacent to a City of Boise open space reserve.

The launch of this Citizen Fuel Reduction Policy allows HOAs, NAs and residents to apply for a permit to reduce fuels around their respective properties. City of Boise Foothills Restoration Specialist Martha Brabec will also provide professional expertise to permit holders to help guide groups and individuals on proper policy implementation.  Boise Fire Department Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Jerry McAdams is also available to conduct a wildfire home safety assessment for these homeowners.

To view the educational video and learn more about the permit application process, click here.

Surveys will be conducted by the Boise Parks and Recreation Department and the Boise Fire Department following mitigation actions and in subsequent growing seasons. These surveys will serve to gauge the success of this resident-led mitigation strategy.