Request a Tree Inspection

publicinspect2.jpgAll tree inspections requests from Boise residents are recorded and performed by a Boise Forestry Specialist (also an ISA certified arborist).  All public tree inspections are free!

The Forestry Specialist determines the ownership of the tree, either public or private.  If the tree is located in public right-of-way, the Forestry Specialist will make recommendations for the health and future development of the tree and public safety. The adjacent property owner will be notified of the results of the Forestry Specialist's inspection by phone or email.

Make an Inspection Request Online 

Tree Inspection requests can be made by calling Community Forestry at (208) 608-7700 or by filling out the Online Inspection Request Form.  Please state clearly the following information: address and location of tree, requestor's name and telephone number, and email address and the specific nature of the problem.  Please note:  we cannot personally inspect trees located on private property, but we can assist via email, telephone or if you'd like to visit our offices at 4969 Dorman Street.

Tree Care Information

The trees planted on your street were carefully chosen and planted to provide shade, windbreaks, privacy, attract birds and wildlife and to beautify your neighborhood.  In an effort to keep our public trees healthy Boise Community Forestry asks you to help maintain your street tree by following these tips:

  • Keep lawn mowers and string trimmers away from the stem of the tree to avoid damage to the bark. Severe bark damage can result in the eventual death of the tree.
  • Please leave wood chips in place as they protect the tree from damage. The chips also reduce water loss by allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil more easily. Please do not pile soil or grass clippings over the mulch.
  • Each tree is staked at the time of planting. The stakes will be removed by the contractor within the two year warranty period.
  • If you maintain a healthy lawn and boulevard, the tree will receive sufficient amounts of water.
  • Please do not overwater, it will drown the tree. During dry periods, water your tree twice a week. Saturating the tree infrequently encourages the production of a deep root system and drought tolerant trees. Shallow watering encourages surface rooting which makes the tree more vulnerable to drying out.
  • Community Forestry suggests fertilizing after the two year warranty expires.  Please DO NOT use a granular fertilizer/weed control mix. We recommend application of 10-10-10 granular (slow release) fertilizer in April and October for root and top growth.  Please follow all label directions.