Species List

NeighborWoods: Available Species

NeighborWoods will give you the opportunity to select from several tree species. Almost all of the species below are shade trees (we call them Class II or Class III trees).  If you are receiving more than one tree, you can select one species or several. Trees of each species are limited, some more than others!  Once all of the trees of a certain species have been claimed, you will have to choose another species.

Species for 2017:

Kentucky Coffeetree 'Espresso'             10 available

Ginkgo 'Magyar'                                       15 available

Honeylocust 'Shademaster'                    10 available

Zelkova 'Green Vase'                               15 available

More information about many of these tree can also be found in our Tree Selection Guide.

All trees are selected for their ability to grow successfully in this area, however, no tree can grow without proper care from YOU. This includes adequate amount of water, proper pruning, and protection from damage. You can find information about all aspects of tree care by visiting the International Society of Arboriculture's Trees are Good website.