Do I qualify?

  • Homeowners/residents will receive a card in the mail.  To see if your property qualifies, simply complete the card or call the Forestry unit.  A staff arborist will visit the property and make a tree location assessment. They will be looking for the following criteria:
    • Site meets the Community Forestry's current planting and spacing guidelines for street trees, that they be planted within 10 feet of the curb or sidewalk. There must be space for a tree to mature without interference from other trees and structures. These will be "front yard" trees. Trees will not be provided to property owners for planting in back yards or further away from the public street than ten feet. The only exception to the back yard rule is corner lots where there is a public street, and hence, curb or sidewalk along two sides of the property.
    • The desired site is currently being irrigated and maintained.
    • The site is cleared by Digline to minimize conflict with underground utilities. This is the responsibility of the property owner and is highly recommended.  Call Digline at (208) 342-1585.
  • A limited number of tree species have been chosen to enhance the vitality and diversity of Boise's tree canopy, and the property owner will have their choice of species as availability permits. Trees will be provided at no cost to the property owner, and there is no limit to the number of trees that will be made available to any one property, as long as planting guidelines are met. Property owner must agree to provide adequate water and care for the tree(s), and they must agree that they will not transplant the tree(s) outside of the original planting location.
  • If you would like to have your neighborhood considered for a future NeighborWoods planting, please call (208) 608-7700. 


  • Owners will be responsible for pick up, planting and ongoing care of their tree(s), or hiring a City licensed tree service to perform this task. Homeowners are encouraged to plant their own tree, a great way to make a connection with your new leafy neighbor.  Boise Community Forestry will offer planting and care information, and cheer you on!