Conifers (needle bearing trees) are presented here not as street trees, but landscape trees.  The Boise Tree Ordinance prohibits use of conifers in right of way/street tree settings.  Conifers as a group come in various sizes, some maturing to only 20 feet, others reaching heights as tall as the largest Class III species.  The following information generally describes conifers, for detailed descriptions about individual species, click the links below, email the City Forester or ask a nursery professional.

Here are some conifers that may be appropriate for your landscape:


Most conifers are evergreen, there are a few deciduous conifers (they lose their needles every fall).

It's natural for any pine or spruce to lose needles every year, but the newest needles (those grown over the last 3-4 years) should stay on the tree.

Be careful when locating conifer trees near street intersections, they can block visibility of oncoming cars.

Every species grows best under certain conditions, usually relating to soil requirements and exposure to sunlight.  Check your planting site and tree details before deciding.

Some species are more drought tolerant than others, check tree details and know how much you do or can water before deciding. No tree is drought proof, all of these trees need regular watering throughout their lives to remain healthy.