Tree Selection Guide

treeguide.jpgLong before Idaho received its statehood in 1890, pioneers began the task of planting trees throughout Boise to improve community appearance and provide cool shade in an otherwise harsh desert frontier. Today, thousands of trees grace our city thanks to their efforts and the more recent commitment of Boise's citizens and Boise Community Forestry. Together, our awareness of and love for the trees and their many benefits has helped Boise live up to its reputation as "The City of Trees". 

Written by our own Arborists and Forestry Specialists using tree species that will grow in our desert environment, the Tree Selection Guide has assisted many people with the sometimes challenging but always rewarding experience of choosing the right species of trees for a landscape.  You can purchase a copy for just $5.00 by going to the Community Forestry office at 4969 Dorman St., or at the Parks and Recreation Administration Office at 1104 Royal Blvd. in Ann Morrison Park.  You can also simply browse trees individually by clicking the links below or download a copy of the entire guide to print.  In order to view these pages, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can also view or download entire guide (10 MB).  Please enjoy and plant more trees!

Class I Trees-small trees, usually flowering

Class II Trees-medium sized shade trees

Class III Trees-large shade trees

Conifers-needle bearing trees    

Species prohibited on Public Rights-of-Way

Other Information/Reference
    Introduction/Trees...A Boise Heritage
    How to Use This Guide/Tree Forms
    Symbols in the Guide
    Hardiness Zones/Street Tree Planting/Planning
    Tree Planting Instructions
    Maintaining Healthy Trees (Watering, Mulching, etc.)
    Maintaining Healthy Trees (Fertilizing, Pruning, Pests)

    Wood Barns and More...Identify that tree 
(many thanks to Cheryl Lawson's after school class at the W.B. Goodwin Community Center for sharing this link!)