Public Education

releaf1.jpgBoise Community Forestry has a series of flexible, tree-related educational opportunities, that can be be tailored to different audiences, interests and needs.  Boise's Community Forest consists of trees along the streets, in our parks, along the Boise Greenbelt and even in the foothills. This makes for a great natural classroom to experience hands-on science and our natural environment.

Community Forestry is in the process of creating new tree education programs with a special emphasis on Boise's youth. Tree literacy is imperative for the perpetuation of Boise's community forest and it must start with today's children. 

Community Forestry is an invaluable resource for tree education. We are excited to assist and compliment your lesson plans in a variety of ways on any tree-related topic, from tree biology to tree identification! Here are just a few ways Community Forestry can benefit your classroom:

Lectures: Tree structure, function, and biology, tree identification, tree care, tree pests, and more
Activities: Crafts, plant personification game, tree identification, and more
Literature: Preschool through high school literary sources, both science-based and those just for fun
Projects: Tree tours, tree planting and more

Tree Care Classes
Think of the your tree as a lifetime investment. How well your tree, and investment, grows depends on the type of tree and location you select for planting, the care you provide when the tree is planted, and follow-up care the tree receives after planting.

Free Tree Care classes, taught by certified arborists, are offered in February and March each year to teach you how to care for your tree. Topics include:

  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Tree Structure and Biology
  • Tree Maintenance and Pruning
  • Tree Selection and Planting
  • Managing Pests and other Tree Problems

Arborist CEU's are available.

Click here to view the list of classes that are being offered in 2018. If you have questions, please contact the Community Forestry office at (208) 608-7700 or send an email to