Community Forestry

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(208) 608-7700
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-4:00 pm 
Closed all legal holidays.
TTY 800-377-3529
Emergency After Hours 866-298-8766

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Time to sign up for the 2018 Tree, Landscape and Gardening Classes!  Classes start on Wednesday, February 7th.  All classes are FREE, but you do need to sign up online.  To see a list of all the classes, choose "Library - Boise Main" in the Location search box.  Attend one or all!

We are back in the mulch business!!  We have over 4,000 yards of newly prepared mulch for sale at $16 per yard.  Staff can load for you, but please call ahead to 208-608-7700 to arrange a time for pickup.  Natural, wood mulch is great for weed control, water conservation and plant protection, and it looks great in your yard!

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