Cemetery Rules and Regulations

All official cemetery transactions shall be handled at the Boise Parks and Recreation Administration Office. Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. The cemetery is open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. 

Maintenance and Care:
The City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department will provide maintenance care for all lots. This services consists of maintaining neat and attractive grounds, watering and mowing lawns, trimming around headstones, pruning trees and shrubs planted by the department, cleanup and removal of trash, leaves, withered flowers, etc. and preservation of grade at burial site(s). This care does not include the planting or care of flowers around monuments and markers, nor the cleaning or repair of monuments and markers erected on burial site(s). 

Ornamentation & Beautification:
Planter boxes, toys, flags, pinwheels, balloons and/or decorations which are placed on or around graves or lots that are deemed hazardous or create a maintenance problem will be removed and disposed of by cemetery staff. Glass of any kind is not allowed in City of Boise managed cemeteries at any time. 

The planting of any vegetation, other than defined in the flower policy, is strictly prohibited without obtaining written permission from the Boise Parks and Recreation Department. The cemetery is not responsible for watering cans, flower holders, garden utensils or other property left, lost or placed on lots or graves. 

Except for Memorial Day, artificial flowers or decorations are not permitted during the mowing season from April 1 through October 31. 

Flower Policy:
Cut flowers may be placed upon graves in a non-breakable container any time of the year. Cut flowers in glass or other breakable containers will be removed from the container and placed directly on the grave. The containers will not be stored by the department. Cut flowers, including burial service flowers, will be removed when they become discolored or wilted. 

Holiday flowers and decorations may be placed one week prior to the observed holiday and will be removed one week after the holiday. 

Perennial plantings (perennial flowers, bushes, bulbs, roses, etc.) are not permitted. 

Planting of annuals is only allowed in the upright monument sections of the cemeteries. Annuals may be planted within 9 inches in front (east side) of a monument in Morris Hill Cemetery’s infant sections and 18 inches in front (east side) of the monument in all other monument sections. In Morris Hill Cemetery, Section Q (north/south) graves plant on south side of marker, the Chinese section plant on the west side of marker. Borders are not permitted.

Annual plantings are not permitted in the flat marker sections in Morris Hill Cemetery. 

Only flat markers shall be permitted in sections designated "Flat Marker" sections. All such markers shall be set level with the earth’s surface and of a uniform size and material to be determined by the department. All markers must be set by an approved monument company. No monument work will be permitted in the cemeteries on Sundays, on holidays, after 4 p.m., or the day before Memorial Day. Installation of markers or of monuments, which will further complicate the care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds, shall not be permitted unless requested in writing and approved by the department. 

The width of a marker/monument which includes the required foundation, shall not exceed the width of the lot and shall not exceed 24" in length. If an unoccupied lot is rendered unusable by the placement of a monument, a waiver must be signed by the owner of the certificate of license to inter, stating that the lot will be left unoccupied. 

Should any memorial become unsightly or a hazard to visitors, the cemetery shall have the right to either correct the condition or remove the same at the expense of the owner of the certificate of license to inter. The Boise Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to correct any error that may be made by cemetery staff. 

Monuments and markers may not be set without prior approval and confirmation of exact lot location and requirements by cemetery staff. The cemetery reserves the right to move a marker to facilitate grave digging. 

Marker Cleaning and Repair:
Monuments, flat markers, and bronze markers are the personal property of the owner of the certificate of license to inter and thus the maintenance and care is the responsibility of this owner. 

Cemetery staff endeavors to maintain orderly, well-kept grounds and encourage families to become involved and participate in the care of the stones and markers of deceased friends and family members. Over time, there is normal aging and upkeep required for all of the monuments and markers in the cemeteries. 

Cemetery staff no longer perform marker installations or foundation settings. All installations, repairs and maintenance can be obtained through department approved monument companies. 

Notice of ten (10) working hours is required, by the department, for the opening and closing of graves. Notice of one (1) week is required, by the department, for dis-interments. All graves shall be dug by cemetery staff at rates set by the Boise City Parks and Recreation Commission and approved by Boise City Council. 

The cemeteries allow one full size burial in one lot and as many as three inurnments on the same lot. Only one headstone at the head and one flat marker in the center of the grave is allowed. An extended-use license to inter fee is charged whenever cremations are buried in an occupied lot. Only one inurnment is allowed in an ash lot except when the ashes of two deceased individuals share one container. 

For every interment, the remains shall be enclosed in a concrete, plastic, metal vault, or in a reinforced concrete box or liner in accordance with Boise City Code Chapter 13, Section 04-05.I. The use of a casket is optional. 

Cremated remains are not required to be buried in a liner, box, or vault. 

A certificate of license to inter shall be sold in accordance with the department’s rules and regulations, for lots in Morris Hill Cemetery and Pioneer Cemetery. 

Ownership of a certificate of license to inter for a cemetery lot provides the right of interment of the deceased and can be used for no other purpose. The sprinkling of ashes is not allowed on cemetery grounds. 

A certificate of license to inter must be issued and paid for in full prior to performing burial services on the lot. 

An unused lot may be transferred to a family member through the limited determination of control, or repurchased by the City of Boise. If the owner of the license to inter wishes to transfer the lot to another person, that transaction will require the owner to sign a quit claim and pay an administrative fee upon application of the transfer. 

Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that grants due respect to the deceased. 

  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and disrespectful activity is not permitted
  • Automobiles and other vehicles shall not be driven in excess of 15 miles per hour while on cemetery roadways
  • Advertising, selling or soliciting is not permitted. All active forms of recreation are prohibited on cemetery grounds
  • Discharge of blank rounds from a firearm during burial ceremonies and celebrations of historical events or of military significance, is permitted with prior written approval by the Director of Boise City Parks and Recreation Department and in accordance with Boise City Code, Chapter 06, Section 04-01-B.5.
  • Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians who will be responsible for their behavior
  • Domestic pets, other than service animals, shall not be permitted on cemetery grounds or in any cemetery buildings.
  • All persons within the cemetery are prohibited from: gathering flowers (wild, cultivated or artificial), breaking or harming trees, shrubs or plants, or disturbing the birds and wildlife