Cemeteries - An Integral Part of Boise Parks and Recreation

Pioneer1.jpgMost people are not aware that Morris Hill, Pioneer, and Military Cemeteries have been owned, operated and maintained by the City of Boise for many years; Morris Hill since 1882, Pioneer since 1920 and Military Reserve since 1947. 

The beauty and serenity created by the veritable solitude, the stoic uniqueness and variety of the headstones, and the seasonal beauty of some of the oldest trees in the valley, has drawn walkers, joggers, and patrons who may be in need of some quiet time. There is also a valuable connection to family, ethnicity, and history to be appreciated and respected. Whatever the reason, Boiseans who regularly patronize the grounds can enjoy a deep sense of peace and tranquility. 

General park rules and regulations, such as being open from sunrise to sunset, also apply. There are also some special controls for obvious reasons and can be reviewed clicking on the Rules and Regulations page. All aspects of burial operations and ceremonies must be shown the proper reverence by being quiet and maintaining a respectful distance.