Adaptive Cycling

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AdVenture offers adaptive cycling rides from April to October along the beautiful Boise Greenbelt. These rides are designed as a group ride and are not a bike riding lesson however, proper trail manners and safety will be addressed. Participants may ride their own cycle or use one of AdVenture's adaptive cycles. Participants who wish to use an AdVenture cycle must reserve it upon registration. View AdVenture's Cycling fleet and see which style may work best for you, or call (208) 608-7680 to discuss cycle options or schedule a time to try out the cycles. All participants and volunteers must wear a helmet (which can be provided) while on an AdVenture ride. If you have any questions or need to reserve a cycle please e-mail Sonya or call (208) 608-7680.

Adaptive Bike Fair Flyer 2018

View the 2018 Adaptive Bike Fair Flyer.