AdVenture Seeker Program

WC B-ball.jpgThe AdVenture Seeker Program offers recreation opportunities specifically designed for  people with physical disabilities and their friends and family. Individuals with physical disabilities are also welcome to participate in any AdVenture Program activities as well as Boise Parks and Recreation programs. Some of the AdVenture Seeker programs include: adaptive waterskiing, bike rides, rafting trips, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and more.







For a list of current programs please visit Online Registration or view the Activity Guide. You can also view pages 7 and 8 of the AdVenture NewsletterSign up to receive the newsletter via e-mail or call (208) 608-7680 to receive a paper copy in the mail.


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Sled Hockey Clinic 2018 Flyer

Click here to download the Sled Hockey Clinic 2018 Flyer.


2018 Adaptive Sports Clinic Wheelchair Sports

Click here to view the Adaptive Sports Clinic 2018 - Wheelchair Sports Flyer.


 2018 Adaptive Sports Clinic Goalball Cycling

Click here to view the Adaptive Sports Clinic 2018 - Goalball & Tandem Cycling Flyer.