Ability Team Assemblies

Wheelchair athletes teach disability awareness at free school assemblies

assemblies.jpgAthletes in wheelchairs are available to teach children in Boise and Meridian Elementary Schools about disability awareness through free assemblies offered by Boise Parks and Recreation's AdVenture program.

For the assemblies, the athletes -- who are known as the Ability Team -- do demonstrations in wheelchair basketball and tennis, give personal testimonials, explain adapted recreation equipment, and answer questions.

The 45-60 minute assemblies are supported by fundraisers benefiting, the AdVenture program, which offers sports, recreational opportunities, social outings and outdoor experiences for children and adults with disabilities.

The Ability Team's goals are to increase knowledge about disabilities and eliminate negative stereotypes; promote acceptance toward individuals with disabilities by fostering positive attitudes toward people with disabilities; and use sports and athletes with disabilities as a means to show that individual with disabilities are capable to achieving the same goals as those without disabilities.

A limited number of assemblies are available on Fridays during the school year. 

Assemblies take place in the school gymnasium or cafeteria.

To schedule an assembly, call Emily Kovarik at (208) 608-7680 or email.

Download our flyer.

It truly touched the student's hearts. They understood the message.
The students loved it! The assembly was fun and enriching.
- Principal at Morley Nelson Elementary School 

After this assembly, I felt more positive about people with disabilities.
- Makayla (student who watched an Ability Team Assembly)