Vending in City Parks

Vending in City Parks FAQ

  • Can I sell my goods or services in Boise City parks?

    No. Per Boise City Code 13-03-07.A.; MERCHANDISING AND SIGN REGULATIONS

    No person in any park shall:

    Vending and Peddling. Expose or offer for sale any article or thing, nor shall he station or place any stand, cart or vehicle for the transportation, sale or display of any such article or thing, except when operating as a licensed concessionaire acting by and under the authority and regulation of the Commission.

  • Can I post a sign, flyer, or other advertising paraphernalia in a park?

    No. Per Boise City Code 13-03-07.B.; MERCHANDISING AND SIGN REGULATIONS

    No person in any park shall:

    Signs. Paste, glue, tack or otherwise post any signs, plaques, advertisement or inscription whatever, except plaques, tablets or signs, of a size, design and location approved by the Commission, recognizing or acknowledging donations or contributions to any City park or to public facilities therein.

  • Can I solicit fares in Boise City parks with my taxi cab?

    No.  Per BCC 13-03-07.A. Taxi drivers may not troll any park to solicit fares. The only time a taxi driver may enter a park for the purpose of picking up a fare, is if a park patron specifically calls them into the park for a ride.

  • What is the penalty for vending in a park without a permit?

    City ordinance provides for specific penalties for its violation, including ejectment from the park, seizure of property, and/or issuance of a criminal misdemeanor citation.

  • How do I acquire a permit to sell my goods or services in a park?

    Boise Parks and Recreation does not issue permits on a requested basis. The department provides select opportunities for vendors to sell food concessions in Boise City parks. This includes concessions at Borah, Fairmont, Ivywild, and Natatorium Pools, Willow Lane Athletic Complex, Fort Boise Community Center and Ann Morrison Park, all of which are awarded to vendors through a competitive bid process. Food vendors are required to have or acquire a Boise City Vending License to sell their goods in a park.

    Boise Parks and Recreation also provides limited opportunities for vendors to provide specific services such as paddle boats which are filled via competitive bid process and water craft lessons or demonstrations on City managed waterways that are filled via an annual permitting process.

    Regardless, vendors are required to enter into a contract with Boise Parks and Recreation that will include a set term for the contract, insurance requirements, and a licensing fee that the vendor will be required to pay. All contracts must be approved by the Boise Parks and Recreation Commission.

  • How do I acquire a permit to sell my goods or services at an event in a park?

    Boise Parks and Recreation does not coordinate vendors for community events that are held in the parks. The event coordinators contract their own food, craft, and other vendors, via a short term vending permit. If you are interested in vending at an event, you must get permission from the event coordinator.

  • Can I pitch a vending idea to the City?

    Boise Parks and Recreation is always open to new and fresh ideas for services that we can provide to our customers. Proposals will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if it is aligned with our mission and serves a public need. If a proposal is deemed viable, Boise Parks and Recreation will put the vending opportunity out to bid to allow all businesses who provide the service a chance to secure the opportunity.