Vending in City Parks

The City of Boise contracts with multiple vendors throughout the parks system to provide food and beverage concessions to our customers, as well as other services that benefit the community. Contracts are awarded through competitive bid, with available opportunities being announced annually just after the New Year.

Food and beverage concession opportunities are seasonal and are located in Ann Morrison Park, Julia Davis Park, Esther Simplot Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, Borah Pool, Fairmont Pool, Ivywild Pool, Natatorium Pool and Hydrotube, and the Willow Lane Athletic Complex.

The City does not permit concessions at soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and football facilities, other than the Willow Lane Athletic Complex. Sporting organizations  (i.e. soccer, Optimist football, lacrosse, Little League, etc.) are responsible for lining out their own concessions and are allowed to do so via contract with the City or through acquiring a short-term vending license.

We also contract with select non-food vendors to provide services to the public that we do not have the capacity to provide ourselves, such as watercraft or other type of lessons on City of Boise managed waterways.

If you are interested in what it takes to become a Park vendor or receiving Requests for Proposals when opportunities arise, please review our Frequently Asked Questions  web page or contact Boise Parks and Recreation Department at (208) 608-7600.