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What is the Heritage Fund?

Boise Parks and Recreation Heritage Fund established in 1980 allows individuals, organizations or corporations to donate funds for public purposes to projects, park improvements, memorials, programs, events, or projects that benefit the Boise community. Donation Guidelines provide more information. 

How is the money managed?

Donations to Heritage Fund are held separate from the City of Boise's capital and general fund operating accounts.  Donations are tracked by designated purpose.

Administrative Fees?

100% of donations are spent on the designated purpose except for residual project balances.  City of Boise absorbs the cost to administrate and manage the fund.

Are donations tax deductible?

IRS Publication 526 specifies that donations for public purposes are eligible for tax deductions

Whereas, funds donated in exchange for a personal benefit are not eligible as a tax deduction.  For example, a donation from a developer for a park within a development that promotes home sales is not eligible.  Please refer specific IRS related questions to your tax advisor. 

Heritage Fund Projects

Donations help support a myriad of Boise Parks and Recreation projects and programs such as foothills acquisitions, benches, trees, zoo exhibits, youth scholarships, greenbelt improvements and more.

How Can I Donate to Heritage Fund?

Checks may be written to Boise Heritage Fund, and mailed to 1104 Royal Blvd, Boise, ID 83706.  We also accept cash, check or card payment at a Parks and Recreation facility location, by phone, or online. 

For additional information about Heritage Fund, please contact the Boise Parks and Recreation Department at (208) 608-7600 or