DeMeyer Park


demeyer.jpgDeMeyer Park is a large neighborhood park located in West Boise. The park is 12 acres and complete with picnic areas, volleyball court, basketball court, and a playground.

The 10-acre parcel that is now DeMeyer Park was given to the city in 1977 by Albert and Hazel DeMeyer. The park is the site of the original ranch home with barns, silo and pond.

A plaque in the park says: "DeMeyer Park In Honor of Our Children Arlen, Eugene, Joanna dedicated to children may they play here in freedom with harmony and happiness"

Joanna "Jody" DeMeyer later contributed more than $200,000 for the design of a shelter/restroom structure.


Logo.AmbroseSchoolDemeyer Park has kindly been adopted by the Shaeffer House of the Ambrose School.  Schaeffer House is a group dedicated to the betterment of the community, diligent in service and is always striving for excellence in all areas of life.

The Adopt-A-Park program gives churches, civic organizations, local businesses, and other community groups the opportunity to adopt their neighborhood park. Adopting groups will commit to maintaining their park for a renewable one-year term, helping with things such as eradicating graffiti, picking up litter, filling mutt-mitt dispensers, painting site amenities, raking leaves, and mulching trees and planting beds. In exchange, the Department recognizes the group as the adopting agency via our website and signage at the park.

Visit here to learn more about our Adopt-A-Park program.


Number of Basketball courts: 1

Open Play Areas

Open play areas are cut grass spaces that provide opportunities for healthy recreational activities for people of all ages.


Swingsets: yes
Age group: 2-12

The playground surface is wood chips.



Park restrooms are now open at this park.  Park drinking fountains are not yet operational. They are turned on when temperatures are consistently above freezing. 

For a list of restrooms and portable restrooms that are available year around in parks and the reserves, click here.


Number of Volleyball courts: 1

Master Plan

A Master Plan is a concept drawing illustrating recreation facilities and landscape features planned for a park site.  It does not necessarily represent what amenities are currently in a park. 

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