Archery Range


MilReserveArcheryRangeCity of Boise's Department of Public Works has closed the archery range until the afternoon of March 4th. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

The Archery Range is an addition to military reserve for those who enjoy the recreation of archery.

Archery Safety Regulations 

  • Archers shall shoot only at designated targets.
  • Archers shall shoot only from shooting line.
  • Archers shall ensure that the area is clear before shooting.
  • All archers must be done shooting before arrows are retrieved.
  • All children under twelve (12) shall be under adult supervision.
  • Archery range is open from sunrise to sunset.
  • Archers shall treat the archery range with respect, pick up trash and leave the area cleaner than upon arrival.
  • All competitive events must be approved by and scheduled through Boise Parks & Recreation Department.

Archers Shall Not

  • Use broadhead arrows.
  • Use crossbows.
  • Use paintball guns or firearms of any sort.
  • Use personal target butts.
  • Use alcoholic beverages within the boundaries of the archery range.
  • Allow pets within the boundaries of the archery range.

Review the Boise Parks & Recreation Department Archery Range Rules & Regulations.

Military Reserve Archery Range Use Application

Amenities & Details


The Archery Range is available at a drop-in basis with no cost to users.

It may be reserved for Community Events.  There is a $50/day reservation fee. Call our reservation line at (208) 608-7644 to make a reservation.