Community Gardens

Libcommgar140828 11Something quite new to Boise Parks & Recreation is the idea of  developing community gardens within our fair city.

The increase in population has brought about an increase in requests for Community Gardens from Boise citizens who do not have the opportunity to have a garden where they reside.

Although Boise Parks & Recreation does not currently manage Community Gardens, we do recognize that they can be a valuable recreational activity that can contribute to community development and education, environmental awareness, and positive social interaction.

If you, or your organization, are interested in developing a Community Garden on City Property, please take a look at Boise Parks & Recreation's Community Garden Policy.

For additional information on how to develop a Community Garden, please visit the American Community Gardening Association's website

For a listing of community gardens located in Boise, visit Let's Move Boise website.  
For additional information on how you can start a community garden, please contact:

Erin Guerricabeitia – Boise Urban Garden School Program Coordinator
(208) 376-3006
2995 N Five Mile Road Boise, ID 83713