Morrison Knudsen Company

construc2.jpgOnce one of the largest and most influential construction firms in the world, Morrison- Knudsen (MK) was born of humble beginnings. The company was founded in 1912 by Harry W. Morrison and Morris Hans Knudsen with $600 cash, some wheelbarrows, a few fresno scrapers and six teams of horses.

In 1914, Morrison-Knudsen won the contract to construct the Three-Mile Falls Dam Project near Hermiston, Oregon. Small by today's standards, the successful completion of the dam solidified MK's reputation as an experienced dam builder.

MK soon positioned itself as major Dam builder throughout the United States.  Projects included:  the Deadwood Dam 1929-30, the giant Hoover Dam 1931-35,and the Grand Coulee Dam 1941. In all, over 150 dams were built by Morrison Knudsen. During World War II, MK had military contracts building air fields at Midway and Wake Island where 1,200 MK employees were held prisoner by the Japanese.

mk.jpgThrough the 1950's Morrison-Knudsen had projects spanning the globe. As one of the largest heavy construction contractors in the world, Harry was recognized in 1954 by TIME Magazine as "The man who has done more than anyone else to change the face of the earth."