Custodial Services

custodial1.jpgThe "Cleanup Batter" for Boise City Parks & Recreation.

It is time for custodial services to take a bow. This unit provides 1) restroom maintenance, cleaning, sanitizing, and stocking facilities for use, 2) trash collection, emptying trash receptacles, relining with plastic liners, replacing receptacle lids, and picking up scattered debris at our parks and 3) shelter maintenance, cleaning of hard surfaces, shelter infrastructure, and picnic tables.

custodial2.jpgBoise Parks & Recreation  presently has 56 permanent restrooms and approximately two dozen portable toilets throughout our system.  During seasonal use, April 15 through October 15, these restrooms are serviced daily with many being serviced multiple times, especially at our heavily used parks, sport parks, and our reservation sites.

custodial3.jpgWe've come a long ways from 55 gallon trash drums, flat bed dump trucks, and pitch forks to manage the trash in the parks. In most areas of the parks you'll see trash can holders made from "Trex" lumber, recycled plastic, for endurance, galvanized trash cans with attached lids and lined with recycled plastic 2 mil bags. You'll also notice large blue dumpsters at many sites. These containers are cost effective and provide the means to handle large volume of debris.

custodial4.jpgOur shelters provide the opportunity for visitors to have a picnic, birthday party, family reunion, or to duck in and grab some shade. The hard surfaces are washed down regularly and picnic tables cleaned.  Mop buckets and scrub brushes, even though still used, have gone to the way side and replaced with power washers and squeezes.

custodial5.jpgThe following are some statistics that may be of interest and help you fully grasp the "things" custodial services do to provide for the enjoyment of the community. Each year we stock our restrooms with 13,000+ rolls of toilet tissue and paper towels, use 2100+ gallons of cleaning products and disinfectants, have over 700+ trash cans, not counting the sports parks, use 65,000+ trash can liners, and utilize 20+  dumpster of various sizes at our parks. This service is provided by two full-time staff, nine seasonal staff working full-time, and three seasonal staff working part-time, 7 days a week, including holidays, totaling 16,900+ labor hours.