Thursday, March 23, 2017

Seasonal dog off-leash program ends in Esther Simplot Park

A successful dog off-leash program created to minimize the impact of wintering geese in Esther Simplot Park ends Friday, March 31.

The 1st annual seasonal off-leash program, which started Nov. 1, is in place to help prevent long-term damage and address public health and safety concerns caused by hundreds of geese.

We want you to enjoy city parks with your dog but ask you to comply with these basic rules:

  • License your dog
  • Leash your dog unless in an area otherwise indicated
  • Pick up your dog’s waste

Boise Parks and Recreation operates five designated dog parks and an additional seven multi-use parks with year-round off-leash hours. To learn more about dog-friendly areas in the city, see the off-leash areas website.

Jerry Pugh, Community Programs Coordinator, (208) 608-7617,