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Boise Forestry Management Plan: Boise Community Forestry has completed a new 10 year management plan.  Click here to download or read the report that will guide the Community Forestry program and other stakeholders in creating a healthier, shadier City of Trees.

Take a look at one of the many Treasure Valley Shade Tree Videos that are available to offer helpful information on planting trees and the benefits of owning and maintaining a tree.  Be sure to check out Ryan Rodgers' videos, one of our own City Arborist, who will share "Why we plant trees" and "Planting your shade tree in Idaho's Treasure Valley".  Follow this link for all of the videos. 

Do you have "honey dew" dripping from your trees?  This sticky substance can be the result of aphids feeding on the trees. While they won't harm your trees, the honey dew can cause quite a mess if over your patio or car.

Spraying the aphids with a garden hose can remove them from the tree.  Aphids that are knocked off of the tree cannot return.  If you feel the need to treat for aphids, there are topical insectides that can help control aphids.  Other options are  insecticidal soaps and neem oil, but the spray has to come into direct contact with the aphid. It may take several applications.  Lady bugs and lace wings are also an option. Systemic insectides are useful when used on trees in late fall or early spring.  

Please read the label on any insectides and follow application directions carefully.  Keep in mind that certain insecticides may harm bees if you spray them directly or if they gather nector from a treated tree or plant. To help protect the bee population, think twice before using insectides on any flowering plant.

Bees in your trees? Visit the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club website at: to discover helpful information on what bees do for the environment and how to join in the effort to protect these valuable resources. 

Spring is a great time to plant a new tree.  Follow the Tree Owner's Manual link for helpful information on the care of young trees.

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