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Now that Spring is ... springing ... folks are looking at their landscape and making plans to plant, prune or remove trees.   It's a good time of year to remind you that tree pruning and tree removal can be dangerous work and Community Forestry recommend hiring a City Licensed Tree Service to prune or remove large trees.  The companies on this list  (PDF) employ certified arborists who are experienced and trained in the use of tools and equipment needed to do the job quickly, professionally and safely.  Please remember: Don't Top Trees!!

WOOD PRODUCTS:  We now have mulch for sale again!  If you would like to purchase any, please contact our office before arriving for pick up.  We typically load twice a day, but will need to schedule that time with you.  The mulch is $15.00 a cubic yard.  Currently, we can only accept check and cash payments.

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Interested in learning about trees and other landscaping?  Sign up for one of the upcoming tree classes.  Click here to learn more.  To sign up by phone, give us a call.  To sign up on-line, visit and use "trees" in the search menu.  Also availabe in this series are two gardening classes:  grape growing and organic gardening.  Use "gardening" in the search menu to find these two amazing clases.  But that's not all ... there are also two landscape classes.  You guessed it!  Use "landscape" in the search menu. We hope you will join us at one or all of these FREE and informative classes!

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