Morris Hill Cemetery Mausoleum

MorrisHill_Mausoleum.jpgOver the years many visitors have asked questions in regards to the City owned mausoleum, located at Morris Hill Cemetery, constructed in 1936 - 1937.

How big is the mausoleum?
Approximately 5,200 square feet with 384 single crypts; 60 single, double, and family glass front niches; and 64 single and double brass niches. Presently there only of few brass niches left unsold.

Why is it called a "Mausoleum"?
The name Mausoleum comes from King Mausoleos, an ancient king who is believed to be the first person entombed above ground.

When were mausoleums first used?
Above ground burial has been used for many thousands of years. The pharaohs of Egypt, kings and poets of Europe, and Christ were put into an above ground tomb.

What is the history of mausoleums in the United States?
Mausoleums were built early on in the infancy of our nation. The major lead in building and usage of mausoleums didn't come until 1920's when California cemeteries built hundreds. Since then, the building of mausoleums has spread throughout the United States with mausoleums common in modern cemeteries.

What is it called when someone is buried in a mausoleum?
Entombment usually refers to above-ground burial. Interment refers to in-ground burial.

How was the mausoleum constructed?
Most of the large mausoleums are constructed using the 'honeycomb' method resembling a 'beehive'. Concrete with reinforced steel bars provide a strong, durable structure. Each crypt has several holes in the side that lead to pipes which extend to the top of the building and allowing for a continuous flow of fresh air.

How do you seal a crypt?
Each crypt has two 'doors'; an inner door usually constructed of concrete block and is doubled chalked around the edges and the outer door made of granite or marble is placed in front with a nameplate or scroll.

Is the mausoleum heated and air conditioned?
Yes, most all indoor large mausoleums with an area to conduct services, are heated and air conditioned.

If you have more questions or the availability of niches, please contact our Cemetery Office:
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