Grave Marker Ornamentation

graveornament1.jpgUnauthorized plantings and ornamentation has historically been a problem at our cemeteries. In most cases, once someone places these plantings or ornaments, they are left unattended and become overgrown and neglected. Thereby creating safety hazards for maintenance equipment such as mowers and weed trimmers, creating maintenance difficulties for staff, and increasing operating costs.

In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of our cemeteries and address the above concerns, the Cemetery strictly enforces its Ornamentation and Beautification and Flower Policies. Lot owners and visitors are encouraged to refrain from planting or installing unauthorized items including plantings such as roses, daffodils, lilies or other perennials. If illegal items are found, we will do our best to contact the families of the interned and ask that the items be removed. If we contact you and the items are not removed, or if we can not track you down, Cemetery staff will remove the items in question.

Our goal is to provide a place of dignity and respect for all those interned, as well as their families. While it is important for people to be able to express their often profound feelings of bereavement, and to recognize their loved ones in their own way, we must maintain the character and heritage of our cemeteries. Therefore we ask that families, friends, and visitors please observe our Rules and Regulations, in order to help maintain the tranquility and beauty of each grave and the cemetery as a whole.

All other general apply at our cemeteries.  This includes operating ours of from dawn to dusk. Also, some special controls such as no dogs, sporting activities of any kind, or loud noises are allowed. All aspects of burial operations and ceremonies must be shown the proper reverence by being quiet and maintaining a respectful distance. Common sense and common courtesy will ensure that all cemetery patrons have a positive experience.

If you have questions regarding grave marker ornamentation, please contact our Cemetery Office:

208-608-7598 E-mail: