Registration Requirements


NEW!  All softball leagues can begin registration for the 2017 spring season beginning February 1, if you are using the same roster with absolutely no changes from 2016 by calling the Dick Eardley Boise Senior Center at (208) 608-7651 or e-mail  You will be contacted if your roster does not qualify to roll over, at that time, you will need to submit a new roster for the season. 

DIVISIONS OF PLAY:  (Minimum age:  16 unless otherwise specified)

ASA Men’s M1 – M14                                   ASA Coed Silver C1 – C3 (Grass fields)      
ASA Coed C1 – C12                                      ASA Women’s Upper, Middle, Lower
Men’s ASA Senior:  50+, 55+, 60+                                       

Examples:  Division level:  1 being the top level of play and 14 being the lowest level of play.

NOTE:  Divisions may vary depending on the amount of registered teams.


Gold & Silver League: February 1 - March 3, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
Sunday Coed:  February 1 - March 31, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Additional rosters if needed can be downloaded from our website at: Once on the Recreation Highlight page click on Activities, Classes and Sports, on the right hand side click Softball Leagues and click on the roster of your league choice.

For Flyer information, click on Spring Registration and Sunday Registration


  1. REGISTRATION:  All captains must have a completed roster with a minimum of 10 players including names, signatures, phone numbers, address and proof of residency for the players who have not played in a current league.  If they have played in the league before, the name and division of the team will be needed to verify residency.  Proof for returning players from the previous season (if they have not moved) will not be necessary.  
  2. PROOF OF RESIDENCY: Any document that has their current address information, ie: utility bills, magazine, insurance, driver’s license (only if the address on the license matches what is on the roster). Players who did not play on your team last season but were on a team, the team name and division will be necessary in order to verify proof of residency.
  3. EMAIL CONTACTS:  Captains must provide a secondary e-mail of another player to ensure BPR notifications are received.  BPR uses email as the primary method of communicating changes/updates. 
  4. SCHEDULING REQUEST:  Captains must provide any/all scheduling requests (Limit: 2 request) at the time of registration.  Special requests are not a guarantee; however, we will make every attempt to accommodate.  Any request received once schedules are being worked on will not be granted.  Gold League Mens/Womens games will be scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Gold Coed games will be scheduled Tuesday and Thursdays.  Mens Senior will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  Silver Coed will be scheduled Monday – Thursdays.  Sunday Coed will be Sundays only.  Exceptions will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.
  5. FEES:  All fees are due at time of registrationEXCEPTION:  If a sponsor(s) is (are) going to assist with the fees, a letter of intent must accompany the registration indicating what fees will be paid (e.g., Team Fee, ASA Fee, Players Fee, Tournament Fee, etc.).  The letter must be dated along with the  guarantors signature and contact information on company letterhead.  If the letter of intent does not accompany the registration, payment will be required in order to secure a spot for your team.  IMPORTANT:  If your sponsor does not pay the agreed amount, it becomes the responsibility of the captain/manager.
  6. SPONSOR INVOICES:  Invoices will be sent to the sponsors as a reminder of what fees are due.  If your sponsor has not paid by your 1st game, all future games will result in a forfeit until the balance is paid in full either by the sponsor or captain/manager.  If fees have not been satisfied, a letter will be sent to all team members advising their games will be forfeited until the balance is paid in full.  The team and players will not be allowed to participate in any future Boise Parks & Recreation activities until the amount is paid.