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Program Coordinator - Will Perry, phone 608-7653
Recreation Specialist - Mike Altieri, phone 608-7654  


2016 Spring League Final Standings

2016 Fall League Final Standings

2016 Softball Sponsors

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Senior Field Line Dimensions

For more details and league information, see the Softball League Descriptions webpage.

Boise Parks & Recreation offers organized weeknight adult softball leagues at all levels. Registration is by team only. Open to players age 16 and older.

All programs are sanctioned with the Amateur Softball Association. Programs are offered at various park locations.

Contact: City Recreation Office, 110 Scout Lane, (208) 608-7650; the fax number is (208) 608-7669.
Prospective Players:  Are you looking for a team to play on? Call the City Recreation Office at (208) 608-7650 and we can place you on a pick-up player list.  The pick-up player list is for team captains looking to add players onto an existing roster.  We do not place participants on a team and there is no guarantee that you will get picked up -- but it is a start to having some fun this summer! 

Instructions to Team Captains: If you have changed, deleted or are using a different e-mail address from the initial one you provided, please call the City Recreation Office at (208) 608-7650 so we can update our database.