Meet Our Staff

Emily.JPGEmily Kovarik, Coordinator
Emily has been working with Boise Parks & Recreation in the Adaptive Recreation Division since 1999. She oversees the AdVenture and Inclusion programs. Emily stated, "I'm very lucky, I love what I do. We have an excellent program that involves so many outstanding participants and volunteers who are wonderful to work with. I believe this program really makes such a positive impact on so many people, and I am very proud to be a part of it." In her off time, Emily and her family enjoy camping, skiing, hiking and just about any other sport on the water or in the mountains.


100_7706.JPGSonya Buchholz, Adapted Recreation Specialist
Sonya is our Adapted Recreation Specialist and has been working with Boise Parks & Recreation since October 2008. She also completed a three-month internship with AdVenture and the Therapeutic Recreation program during the summer of 2006. Sonya graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Sonya is a huge supporter of adapted recreation and has a real love for the outdoors, especially whitewater rafting. A full-time whitewater river guide during the summers of 2007 and 2008, she brings extensive river knowledge and love of rafting to our program. In her free time Sonya enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, rafting, going to hot springs, pottery, taking art classes and generally anything that involves playing outdoors.


Part Time AdVenture Staff

page48808.jpgBen Frye has been working with us since August 2008. He says that he likes working with AdVenture because of all of the people he gets to work with and because everyone seems to have a lot of fun. Ben especially likes leading camping trips during the summer.   In his off time, Ben enjoys traveling to other countries and meeting people with different cultures and backgrounds. He is an avid mountain biker, climber, and snowboarder. Ben also spends time camping, playing chess, reading and learning.



Amber.bmpAmber Telleria During the school year, Amber not only works part-time for us but also full-time as an elementary school teacher with the Boise School District! When the school year comes to an end, Amber helps with the AdVenture Teen Summer camp. She always brings a smiling, positive attitude to AdVenture. Amber says that she loves working with AdVenture and that her favorite part is meeting all of the wonderful people that are involved in the programs. In her spare time, Amber loves camping, hiking, biking, rafting and skiing. She also enjoys reading, playing the violin, making cards, and watching movies.


Picture.jpgMartha Shamy has been teaching the AdVenture Cooking Class since the Spring of 2010. She became interested in teaching the cooking class because of her strong passion for cooking. At one point in her life she was a vegetarian, but she stated with three sons (now grown) and living in Idaho, she no longer is a "true" vegetarian. Martha has taken classes on healthy nutrition and different cooking methods. An avid gardener, she likes using her fresh vegetables in what ever she prepares. Martha also teaches the Access to the Arts pottery classes to individuals with disabilities and she teaches youth art classes. We hope you will take the cooking class or Access to the Arts and get the opportunity to meet our very own chef!

Andrew.bmpAndrew Healy Andrew has been working with us since the Summer of 2010. He helps with the Teen Summer Camp along with other weekend and evning programs. Andrew says that he loves working with AdVenture because of the variety of fun activities. Andrew is a teacher at Nampa High School and is also obtaining his Masters in Education. Andrew likes that through the AdVenture program he can facilitate fun and active experiences that individuals may not otherwise get in school or other settings. Even though he has very little free time, Andrew somehow finds the time to enjoy his favorite recreation activities (camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and snowboarding) and he also likes reading, working on projects around the house and spending time with his family. 
Robin.JPGRobin Stroup has been working with AdVenture since 2011 and helps with the Teen Summer Camp as well as the Social Clubs. She is a full-time student at Boise State University. Originally, Robin wanted to study business at BSU but after volunteering with a visually impaired pre-school class she changed her major to Special Education. She loves helping with the Social Clubs because she enjoys working with all of the participants. Originally from Oregon, Robin stated that she likes doing AdVenture programs because she get a chance to learn about Boise by going on so many fun trips around town. In free time she likes to be creative and work on arts and craft, walk with her Golden Retriever and spend time with friends.

Failla.jpgCarolyn Failla AdVenture's drumming teacher started drumming in April 2002 and it has become the love of her life! Failla stated, "We may not understand each other's language, politics or religion, but we can all find a way to express things that cannot always be spoken by playing music together. Rhythm transcends gender, culture, age and physical ability. I think music may be the most universal language we have. Drumming is an easy avenue away from observing music and into participating. I have found that everyone I meet can play music together with a bit of compassionate facilitation; and it is a tremendous bunch of fun!" We hope you will join Failla at the AdVenture Drumming classes offered on Thursday afternoons.

Dana.jpgDana Kelly has been working with AdVenture since 2011 and leads a variety of AdVenture programs including the Teen Summer Camp, weekend programs and dinner outings. She graduated from Boise State University with a degree in art so she was a natural fit to teach our adaptive art classes. When Dana is not leading an AdVenture activity, she works as a Special Education Assistant in the Boise School District. In her free time Dana enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, hiking, biking and creating art.



Susan Warren.JPGSusan Warren started volunteering with the AdVenture fitness class in the fall of 2011. She did such a great job that when a position opened up to teach the class, she was our top choice. Susan has taught a variety of group fitness classes for over 13 years throughout the world. She is currently working on a Physical Education degree at Boise State University and hopes to teach elementary PE and Adaptive PE when she graduates. In her limited free time Susan enjoys cross-country skiing, road cycling, fishing, camping, playing tennis, gardening and spending time with her family. Susan encourages everyone to sign up for the fitness class; her goal is to help participants of all abilities improve their quality of life and get a great workout!