Eight commissioners, plus one youth member, represent a cross section of community. They serve as an advisory body to the Mayor and City Council on Parks and Recreation issues within the City of Boise.

Parks & Recreation Commissioners holds a public meeting monthly (usually the third Thursday of each month) to review matters pertaining to the planning, development, improvement, beautification, equipping, and maintenance of the public parks, playgrounds, programs, urban forestry, recreation facilities, and open space.

Each member serves on a non-pay, community service basis for a five year term. Citizens interested in serving on the Parks & Recreation Commission should call the Mayor's office (208-384-4422) for additional information.

Commission Agendas contain information which will be discussed at the monthly Parks & Recreation Commission meetings. Included are an agenda, prior months meeting minutes, Unit and Director narratives, and supplemental information to agenda items.


Stacie Curry - President

Shelly Alder - Vice President

Thomas Chandler 

Harvey Neef

Louis Uranga

Brad Turpen

Scott Raeber

Patricia Whipps

Vivianne Siqueiros - Youth Commissioner


Council Liaisons

Elaine Clegg 

Ben Quintana